Men's Linen Waistcoats and Vests, Inspired by our Heritage made by our Master Tailors in Dublin Ireland.

Men's Linen Waistcoats and Vests, Inspired by our Heritage, made by Master Tailors in Balbriggan Co. Dublin Ireland. Celtic Gents men's linen waistcoats collection is a celebration of Irish tailoring and design. Our linen waistcoats are a culmination of Irish design. Our linen fabrics are milled in Belfast and designed and produced by our tailors in Balbriggan Co. Dublin  in Dublin to give you an authentic Irish vest finished to a exceptional standard and made in a rich selection of colours and patterns. The waistcoats are made to be luxurious with linen complete from front and back. Included in our patterns and designs are two working pockets to carry a pocket watch or business card. If your size is not available please call us and speak to one of our experts about having a bespoke waistcoat made just for you.

Mens Linen Waistcoats