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Traditional Tweed Clothing Manufacturer and Stores In Dublin

We love authenticity and embrace quality in everything we do. Celtic Tweed was started to reflect our beliefs; beautiful tailoring in every stitch and button sewn. A company born from our desire to create a specialist collection of luxury men’s tweed jackets and waistcoats.

Our tweed clothing store is based in Balbriggan, a town with a rich heritage of weaving and garment production. Its factories made products so popular that they were worn by royalty, Ernest Shackleton and even John Wayne.

Exceptional design and a love of traditional craftsmanship in tailoring have led to a superb ready-to-wear men's collection that is effortlessly stylish, contemporary and perfect for the modern lifestyle. From our handmade patterns the cloths are cut and beautifully constructed to ensure a perfect fit.

In 2014 we introduced the Celtic Lady Collection. Our unique tweeds and linen coupled with exquisite designs hugs the female shape and results in flattering ensembles. A stylish collection of capes, jackets, skirts and waistcoats, also bring a breath of fresh air for those who embrace style and wear their clothing in an effortless way.

Within Celtic Tweed tweed clothing store you can find master tailors cutting cloths and collaborating with our style conscious customers worldwide. Listening to what really matters has resulted in the creation of our distinctive and bespoke pieces.

Sustainability and ethical fashion production are also close to our heart, so by keeping our manufacturing base small, it allows us to be fully responsive to our customer’s requirements.

Imagine a rare whiskey, a vintage blue Mercedes, or bespoke leather shoes. These are some of the things we love in life and our mens jackets, waistcoats and accessories reflect those feelings. Clothes that make a statement through colour hue, fit and quality design.

We invite you to share our love for exquisite tailoring. Clothing which will take you from the boardroom to the races and everywhere in between.

Cathy & Frank

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