Tweed & Traditional Presents For Women

No outfit is truly complete without some carefully selected accessories. Our selection of original gifts for women & accessories ensures you finish your look with style. Finish your look with some of our Napa leather gloves. Napa leather is a full grain leather and comes from the skin of kids or lambs. The pieces are small and very soft and are perfect for gloves and jackets. It is one of the most expensive kinds of leather as the way it is treated and dyeing has to be done with the utmost care. It is very supple and lightweight and wears well compared to other leathers. The perfect choice in gloves to complete your tweed outfit.

If looking for a stylish accessory for any outfit try some of our carefully chosen jewellery. For this season we have a range of women's sterling silver and brass bracelet cuffs each piece is unique with an individual design. Don't get caught out in the rain choose our stylish green umbrellas designed to keep you dry on those frequent Irish rainy days. The tonal colours complete the look with a cool, low-key feel. Our women's tweed gilets fit true to size. Beautifully tailored, the colours of the cloth reflect the landscape with the green and brown tweed containing flecks of beautiful colours that encapsulate the beauty of the Irish landscape. Listening to our customers has helped us discover what really matters, and has resulted in the creation of our distinctive and bespoke gilets.