Mens Tweed Trousers

Our Celtic Tweed handmade men's tweed trousers are made by our tailors in Balbriggan, to patterns that we have fastidiously researched and crafted. Choose from any of our readymade selection or we can make you a pair in the colour of your choice from our bespoke collection. With exceptional design and a love of traditional tweed craftsmanship, you’ll love the creation of our distinctive and bespoke trousers for a modern & relaxed look.

Our trousers are made to a classic block pattern, which can be amended for your personal preferences. If you want shooting pants or plus4s we can make these in our bespoke range. The classic styling gives them a hint of the glamour and romance of times past. Combine with our traditional selection of tweed jackets & waistcoats for a refined and relaxing look for the modern era, perfect for the boardroom, the races and everywhere in between.

mens tweed trousers