Our Irish linen waistcoats are a truly special piece of Irish design. Irish linen is a  natural and sustainable product. This waistcoat can be styled with casual suits, sports jackets, and business wear. The quality and design is timeless and tasteful. With its tailored, well-defined fit, this waistcoat can be worn to any occasion. This waistcoat sits beautifully on your shoulders and gives you a feeling of comfort and a look of class that makes you a true Celtic Gent. Our linens are milled to our own unique patterns to create our range of Irish linen waistcoats. Available in three colours.

Irish Linen
Horn Button
Satin Lining
Side Belts
Two Heritage Pockets
Straight Pocket
Vents At The Side

For further details on our tweed waistcoat sizing – please refer to our size chart.

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